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With 12 questions and 12 Test results draw you in the world that morality falled like Zombie apocalypse.
Axis X show the degree of roconizing evil deed and Axis Y show the Sense of belonging.

There’s the scription which tell a story under the selecting choices, read them and think about how’ll you acting like in that situation. Then select the choice. It’ll be display fit result if you think you’re in an extreme situation. It’s no matter if you do the test light. however you can feel the poverty of the apocalypse if you read them with a time.

There’s no 100% Correct Psychology Test, your monitor can display the result that dosen’t match with you. Enjoy!


You found the car which parked on rugged way, when you passing the forest.

When you passing the forest, You were led by rumble sound which come from forest. In normal case go to the place where sound ringing was bad idea. But one thing that strange is that sound was stick in there place at all time. So you who the led by with curious, Eventually find the door opened car which neglected. Engine was turned on. Further more there were various kinds of groceries! It seems can be eat for one weeks. You were able to remember that there were only two days of food and drinking water left. But... Why this car was parked on this forest whit engine turned on? Is it really okay to take this stuffs here? However there aren't any people like owner of that car, It seems okay to take it...

You were listening the radio.

Hiding in the shelter for a while, you took out your own radio and adjusted the frequency. You thought there was only a little noise coming out, and soon you were able to catch a frequency. "...the state is doing its best to resolve the situation. Clinical trials are under way, and volunteers will be provided with safe accommodation, food and drinking water. Countless military and police forces are on standby. If you're listening..." The government? Was it left? The broadcast sent out the names of the cities not far from here. Is there hope for a vaccine?

You were searching the second floor of two-story building.

The quiet second floor, the cabinets and desks were all over the place, the chairs all fell and were in a mess, and a window was left broken. When I poked out a little bit, there was a dead body that had dried up with a piece of glass on the asphalt road. I'm sorry to tell that, but as you were about to turn your eyes inside the building and start searching, you heard a scream breaking the silence of the night. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" It was clear that this two-story building had quite a few supplies left. If you let him be eaten alive by zombies, you'll have a much time to take. But... is that really fine? While you were thinking about it, you saw him bite his left arm. What should I do? You have a pistol with a full magazine inserted.

You were passing the tranquill city suburbs.

In the afternoon, when the sun had not yet set, the suburbs of the city, where only the bodies of flies flying and of zombies whose heads were smashed are now sparse. there seemed to be only a car that crashed into a utility pole and a shopping mall that seemed to have been robbed already. "Heehee... hey, this guy's bag is a bit thick." Until I heard the lines of a typical villain with a bad, crooked voice. Apparently, two rogue looters armed with baseball bats and two-handed hammers were threatening a young man in his 20s in a mask in the corner you were about to pass. All this time you've remembered that there are only about three bullets left in the handgun.

You were run into quite friendly survivors.

They said they're living in an air-raid shelter and have plenty of water and food, but they need some people, so they want to recruit you. Although it was a sudden encounter, their expressions are so good that they can be trusted a little. When asked further, he replied that he didn't know that the air defense system built to prepare for a nuclear attack would be used in this situation, and that he understood that you can't believe it, and that he wouldn't stop you if you dosen't follow him. What will you do? With only a day's worth of food and drinking water left, is it okay to believe these survivors? There were no bullets left from the suburbs to the outskirts.

You found the cooked survivor on the road when you walking there.

You found a survivor in a hollowed-out, grassy area next to the roadway. The man with a duffel bag, with his eyes closed, seemed to be asleep or exhausted. Although the movement was shallow, but it was clearly alive and there were no bite marks when you looked at it. What will you do? He was very sound asleep when he didn't think anyone would come to this remote road. Obviously, you didn't see a lot of horrible zombies on your way here, let alone a lot of people, so it was clear that this man and you were the only ones here right now.

Your fellow tell the truth.

"Hey, I didn't want to tell you..." your fellow, who had just managed to join us, said. There was a hesitation in his eyes, but he ended up trusting you. "I'm bitten." It's the same story as the bolt from the blue. Not long ago, while searching the residential area, he was barely finished after being bitten by a zombie, who was a child who jumped out of the bathroom. The hand he bit was his left hand. There were disinfectants, antibiotics, and his fire axe, but... You also had a pistol.

You've got a suggestion from bandits who got you.

"Dumbfounded." When you came to your senses, your hair was stuck. A man who appeared to be a shaggy moustache boss grinned and showed his golden teeth and slapped your forehead. "Hey, I like it when he heads to the asphalt floor without knowing anything. If you're with us, I'll take care of you, huh?" When he giggles unpleasantly and looks back at his colleagues, they get embarrassed and more embarrassed to know that their boss is sincere. seems he've been watching your behavior, he hope to recruit you for any reason.

You were searching the camp where bodies on the all ground.

The camp, which seemed to have been in a fight, had tents, bonfires in the center, and several outdoor tables. However, the tents were torn apart, and the sleeping bags inside were fluttering, and there was no big harvest in the paper boxes on the outdoor table. All that was left was a body full of blood, and you think you should get out of here before the zombie gets hooked on this smell. Suddenly, an old man came out of a tent that you hadn't looked at yet. You rushed to point a gun at him. "Co-come on, wait a minute!" The old man limping out of his legs, so he arrived here first and looked at it, but his bag seemed to be empty. he was wondering if you were reading his mind, and he raised both hands to show my intention to surrender. "Let's just pass, young man. It's been a week since I starved, and I don't have anything to eat..." What will you do? he's lame and he doesn't look like a threat.

You were searching the house.

Crack! A blistering sound and dark red blood splashed into the air and soon spilled onto the floor of the house. A zombie with a broken head soon fell down, and you felt something uncomfortable about the fact that they were a couple before their lives and why they fell down in the hallway. Both the thick, blood-stained hands and the thin, thin hands were decayed and the ring on the ring on the ring finger remained the same. Then, you heard a thud near the stairs. It was the sound of a child sitting on the floor in fear of you. "Please, please... please help me..." The child closed his eyes tightly and said, shivering, imploringly.

You were ordered be silent at by someone with a gun to your head.

"Hey." It was a very sudden raid. When you walked through a dark alley alone and fell off with another partner in a pair of two, you had to stop without resisting. The temple felt the touch of cold iron and disappeared, and when you opened your eyes, it was a gun. "If you scream you'll die right away. No matter how quick you are, you're slower than a bullet, so you'll die if you move." You weren't a special agent, and you couldn't move quickly until you caught the gun pointed at your head and turned it away, so you had no choice but to follow. "Okay, hehehe, good boy... ...listen, we're going to raid your base today. I don't care if you tell this to your 'fellows', but we'll make a deal. If you pull those guys out there, I'll save you and those who surrendered. If you go tell them, they'll all die together." What will you do? The assailant who said that was after he disappeared.

You saw the person who bandaged the injured people.

"...do you have any business?" With a slightly perplexed look, the person wearing glasses stands tall on the spot, wary of you and hoping that the distance will not be narrowed. He looked like a doctor, but he seemed to be going alone. It was a fact that I could guess because a bone saw was sticking out from the shoulder bag. He frowned and took a few steps back because he saw your eyes recognized his bag. "I don't want to go with you, especially if you want to rob me." What will you do? It'll be go if you accompany with doctor...

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Psychology Test
A Brutal Muderer
The Deliquent Hoodlum
The Awareness Scavanger
The Searcher Who Keep Silent
The Inevitable Recon
A Righteousful Punisher
The Exclusive Lookout
The Sadistic Hooligan
The Dismissing Collaborator
The Distrustful Wanderer
A Betrayer
The Inciting puppeteer

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1. A Brutal Murderer
2. The Delinquent Hoodlum
3. The Wary Scavanger
4. The Searcher Who Keeps Silent
5. The Unwanted Scout
6. A Righteousful Punisher
7. The Dismissing Collaborator
8. The Distrustful Wanderer
9. The Inciting Puppeteer
10. The Exclusive Lookout
11. A betrayer
12. The Sadistic Hooligan