The Searcher who kept silence

Probability of

You think it’s okay if there’s no harm, and you don’t want to risk it hastily. But it’s the same thing that the wary Scavinger doesn’t want to take risks just like you do. But the crucial difference is that while Scavengers tend to minimize damage and maximize profits, you seek something safe enough to converge the damage at zero. So when you look at the abundance of supplies, you have a half survival rate.

Degree of reconizing Evil deed

You have a tendency to compromise. You think that if you don’t harm others, that’s enough, and you actually think that’s a good thing in this kind of disaster situation. But as detailed, your tendency to compromise often comes to light when you watch injustice. If the wary scavengers are to maximize their gains while reducing their damage under any circumstances, you seek to be both dangerless and unprofitable. It’s far from evil than the wary Scavengers, but it’s not as impulsive as the inevitable scouts.

In conclusion, you only respond to cases that threaten your own life in these disaster situations.

Relation with others

You really have to be careful with people of the same type as A Brutal Murderer. They think of you as just an interesting thing, and they often come up as if they were other normal types of people, and then they threaten you. If you’re in the same group as them… It would be better not to interact in general.

There will be some friction with It’s highly likely that The Delinquent Hoodlum would have looted you or recognized by you as a danger to their usual misdeeds. If they’re in the same group, which you’re generally unwilling to do as long as they don’t harm you, but you’re bound to see, they can force you to make a morally problematic choice, or they can bully you. But if you’re not a person like The Dismissing Collaborator who’s just being beaten up, you’ll be able to cope.

Also there will be some friction with The Wary Scavenger. It’s not a conflict with the above bandits, but it’s likely to be the owner, like question number one; right now there’s a high chance of arguing about taking something unclear. However, it is not absolute there is a chance to not take them which owner is unclear because some of The Wary Scavenger can think like searchers who kept silence. The Searchers who kept silence are generally preferable to no harm or gain, so scavengers leaning toward them are more likely to behave the same way in many ways.

The Unwanted Scouts may be trusted colleagues and trusted friends for you. Unlike the wary scavengers, they have a trust system that helps them relax a little bit and go with them, and they’re good at dealing with trust-based transactions.

The Righteous Punisher may seem to you to be a little unreasonable in this situation, but if they’re the leaders of the group, they’re the ones who respect them. You can admire it, you can worry about it. They are the ones who will shake their heads and refuse if you give them advice to take care of themselves.