The Wary Scavenger

Probability of Surviving

You are on the level of discretion and coolness. you are among those who survive to a certain extent in a chaotic situation where the law has collapsed. You are the largest proportion of modern people after silent searcher, and you are more likely to acquire more supplies than silent searcher. Like the postscript, if you want to survive without hesitation, you prefer to secretly bring it from the point where it doesn’t cause physical harm to others. It’s the third-largest survival rate in this mess.

Degree of reconizing Evil deed

You avoid getting blood on your hands, but you’re rather insensitive to sneaking other people’s belongings. You takes your actions for granted when it comes to disaster situations, and in fact, you tend to be wary of others who come out defenseless or friendly, or rather steal goods. It’s perfectly realistic, but you’re more free from evil than searcher who kept silent. On the contrary, compared to the delinquent hoodlum, direct damage, assault, and intimidation are reluctant.

In conclusion, you rarely kill, assault, or threaten in these disaster situations, but you often steal.

Relation with others

You don’t want to be completely related to the A Brutal Murderer. They are more likely to be classified as bad people than you can afford. It’s hypocritical. But at the same time, hypocritically, if you have a colleague of this type, you may secretly hand him over to do evil instead of you.

There will be some friction with The Delinquent Hoodlum. Sometimes you can accompany them and be friends, but if you meet them during normal times, you are more likely to go too far or have a little argument. When you see their evil deeds, you say, ‘Do you have to do that?” You’ll think, and then you’ll compromise, “It’s a situation, so there’s nothing much we can do about it.” But then again, you said, “How can he…” You’re going to feel a little uncomfortable. At the same time, you may be glad that you are enjoying the benefits of such evil deeds without directly doing them.

Also there will be some friction with The Searchers who kept silence. It’s not a conflict with the above bandits, but it’s likely to be the owner, like question number one; right now there’s a high chance of arguing about taking something unclear. However, it is not absolute there is a chance to not take them which owner is unclear because some of The Wary Scavenger can think like searchers who kept silence. The Searchers who kept silence are generally preferable to no harm or gain, so scavengers leaning toward them are more likely to behave the same way in many ways.

The conflict begins when you face The Unwanted Scouts  and then it go beyond the delinquent hoodlums. If the recon don’t have a clear guarantee of ownership, they probably won’t take them -frustratingly- from your point of view. The chances of betrayal are so low that they may be trusted colleagues, but they seem to be the ones who keep trying to lose money to you.

You’ll treat The Righteous Punisher as completely idealists. In this broken world, you’re more likely to tell them to do as less as you can, because it’s best that I don’t do harm to others.