A Brutal Murderer

Probability of Surviving

You’re a son of gun. Really! Oh, of course, don’t be too upset. If it wasn’t a disaster, you’d be a normal person, but it’s more of a sort of loose rein as these lawless zones are created. The Deliquent Hoodlum would end up with assault and intimidation, but you would remove all of the factors that you believe are problematic in the future in order to eradicate the root itself in advance of the ‘possibility’.

So you’re more likely to be the leader of a very militant community or a lone lunatic. In general, the former are the ones who belong to that tendency. The extreme determination can cause a backlash, but it can also try to calm the discontent with fear, which can lead to death from internal strife. You’re the ironic type of person whose survival rate is at the top and bottom.

Degree of reconizing Evil deed

You are confident that you will be free to commit any evil in recognizing it. you belong to the category of people who would do anything to survive. If you’re close to The Deilquent Hoodlum, you can say that you’re doing a relatively necessary evil, but it’s still clear that you’re doing whatever kind of evil.

In conclusion, you often do almost all kinds of evil in these disaster situations by necessity or simply by personal reasons.

Relation with others

The Deliquent Hoodlum may be a your right arm-man who hides a dagger in his arms or your pawn with a sense of shame or repulsion. There is a high probability that you have a great deal of dissatisfaction with your dogmatic behavior, or that you are overwhelmed and conformed to it.

The Awareness Scavengers are one of the types that makes up almost the percentage of people in your group. If you’re not the leader, they’re one of those people who sometimes run away from you who lunatic. and who have almost fearless complaints about your blatant misdeeds. Ironically, they tend to tacitly tolerate the misdeeds committed by the rogue predator, but in your case, stricter standards apply than they do. It’s funny, isn’t it?

The Searchers who kept silent are among the naive victims you’re interested in, or you’re used to pretending to be normal, and then you break them.

The Unwanted Scouts can seem to be quite a threat to you. They don’t act as factional as just punchers, but they are more likely to act openly against your instructions.

The Righteous Punisher are your main enemies and your antagonists. It could be the leader of another moderate group, or it could be the head of a faction of the same group. If they’re under controled by you now, Then there is a high possibility that they are developing the power to fight against you by capturing those who agree with them.