The Inevitable Recon

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Survival probability

You are experiencing a great deal of psychological fatigue in a disaster situation, and you are under a great deal of threat, but you are still willing to stand your ground, so unless there is a severe shortage of supplies, you will not loot or steal anything in front of you if you think it might belong to its owner, and because you are a fairly good person, even in a disaster situation like this, you unfortunately have a lower survival rate than the silent searchers, ranking you fifth in survival.

Degree of reconizing Evil deed

You have a sense of what’s worth keeping, even in this situation. You believe in taking action, even if it means risking injury to yourself, even if it means going beyond what you can do, even if it means taking an unconditional stand against something that is wrong, even if it means being passive. So you’re not so much looking out for others that you’d die for them, and you tend to think more of yourself than the punishers, but when you see injustice, you’re willing to take risks and sacrifice food, water, arms, and health to address it.

In conclusion, you do not remain silent when you see injustice, even in the face of a disaster like this.

Type Relationships

A Brutal Murderer ‘ could be an influential survivor in your group, the leader of a group you’re antagonizing, or just plain crazy. If he’s in your group, you’re likely to feel that you need to get rid of him for the safety of the community. You’re not likely to rally people in direct opposition to them, but you’re likely to stand your ground by doing things like blatantly disobeying their instructions.

The Delinquent Hoodlum ‘ are probably one of those people who cause you a lot of trouble. If you have that type of person in your group, you’re likely to frown on their behavior and point out the bad things they do as if they’re okay in usual. If they’re outright threatening and robbing people, it’s not going to reflect well on you.

The Wary Scavanger ‘ aren’t going to look very good to you by constantly trying to take things of dubious ownership, even though there’s no guarantee they might not return. They’re going to look like realists who are neither aggressive nor belligerent, but at the same time, they’re going to be seen as committing evil acts with the impunity of realism.

The Searcher Who Keeps Silent ‘ are fairly moderate survivors who may be largely cooperative with you. They may flee without you if their own lives are threatened, but in usual they are not willing to take chances, and your interests may align in that they will not touch materials that may belong to others based on prudence, not ethics.

A Righteousful Punisher ‘ might be your boss or the leader of your faction, or he might be a fellow member of a moderate community. You and he trust each other enough to fight to the death, but sometimes you worry that his righteousness might push you too far.

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