A Righteousful Punisher

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Survival probability

You are one of the only orderly communities in a chaotic world, but your survival rate as an individual is woefully, woefully low. You’re one of those short-lived individuals who have a good relationship with the inevitable scouts, but your survival rate as an individual is comparable to that of even the best scouts. But if you’re lucky, you’re a boss who also happens to lead a moderate community, so you’re at the bottom of the survivability scale, but you’re also at the top.

Degree of reconizing Evil deed

You are one of those people who believe that the ethics that were universally practiced in the previous world should apply equally to the current situation. This puts you at odds with the other survivors in a different way. You may seem idealistic, and you may even be said to be weatherproof, which may have contributed to your survival rate as described above, but you are one of those people who can be said to have done good enough to remain standing when the disaster is over.

In conclusion, you strictly adhere to previously accepted universal ethics, even in a disaster like this.

Type Relationships

A Brutal Murderer ‘ are the people you despise the most, and if they’re in your group, they’re the people you’re setting up against, and if they’re the leader, you’re preparing a civil war against them. You’re forming a clique in your group, gathering those who will join you, and sharpening the sword of retribution against them.

The Delinquent Hoodlum ‘ will treat you as a complete idealist, and unlike the ruthless A Brutal Murderer , or the rogue marauders whose dogmatic behavior A Brutal Murderer antagonized, they’ll most likely prepare for a civil war because of what they think is right and what you do. While you may be able to get them to align with you for a while when you’re trying to organize a feud against a Murderer , you’ll have a much harder time trying to organize a feud against you as the leader of a moderate community.

The Wary Scavangers’ don’t seem to care much about ethics and seem to think they can get away with hitting people, but you’re emphasizing that they should be held to the same strict standards.

The Searcher Who Keeps Silent ‘ may be largely cooperative with you, but at the same time, they still consider themselves to be in an ambiguous position. They’re not bad people to have in your group, but like Scavengers, they want to see the world through your eyes again.

The Inevitable Recon ‘ are your trusted colleagues, and they’re going above and beyond the call of duty to be as ethical as possible in these situations. Maybe they’re your vice president or a partner you keep on your side.

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