The Deliquent Hoodlum

Probability of Surviving

You are one of the people who have adapted well to this situation. maybe you say I don’t harm someone needlessly, but assault and intimidation provide drinking water, food and armed forces, so you often threaten moderate survivors. Therefore, the lack of drinking water and food has a low chance, and is the second-highest survival rate in these disasters. Of course, this figure is based solely on the abundance of supplies.

Degree of reconizing Evil deed

You’re the typical bandit. bandit who typical. who, unlike The Wary Scavengers, admits to their misdeeds and brazenly commits them. In these disaster situations, you are not only willing to steal things, but also to tolerate and commit other misdeeds with the idea that ‘killing is a crime, also picking things up at random is a crime, so we are all the same.’
You’re a little more moderate than the extremists, but you’re more aggressive and inhumane than the wary Scavengers.

In conclusion, you commit murder if necessary in these disaster situations, and you often commit robbery through assault and intimidation.

Relation with others

A Brutal Murderer is likely to be your boss, a colleague with a higher authority than you, or a fanatic encountered on the road, but may be reluctant to follow their dogmatic behavior or preparing for an internal strife behind them.

There will be some friction with The Awareness Scavengers. They’re not bad to be coworkers, but sometimes there will be a lot of verbal fights. Nevertheless, they don’t have much opposition to your actions, and sometimes they may seem to be aiding and abetting about your actions. If the Scavengers are close to Searcher who kept silent, there will be a little bit of harassment that you inflict on them.

The Searchers who kept silent are likely to be your predatory target or your men who are wary of you for your misdeeds, but follow you first. Those who don’t want to deal with you as long as you don’t harm them, they don’t mean much to you. But if they’re in the same group with you, they’re in a good position to bully and pick by you. But in the case of a man with a backbone, he sometimes resists you.

The Unwanted Scouts are probably just a nuisance to you, or one of those conflicting characters. They don’t set up separate factions, but if there is an inevitable scout in the same group, it would not feel good to point out everything about your actions.

You’ll treat The Righteous Punisher as completely idealists. They may be your boss, or members of the same group with a little authority, like the killer. also like the murderer who has antagonized you for dogmatic behavior, you are more likely to prepare for internal strife. because of interfering with direct sanctions from punishers, unlike the inevitable scouts of your actions.